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  • Modern vintage style
  • Freestanding design
  • Matte black with gloss white interior
  • Chrome pop-up/pull-out waste included
  • Made from UV stabilised premium sanitary-grade acrylic with Lucite MMA
  • No overflow
  • Built-in steel support frame
  • Adjustable self-supporting feet


  • Regularly clean with mild soapy water using a using a microfibre cloth.  Weekly cleaning is recommended.
    • Do not use harsh detergents, bleach, cream cleaners, window cleaning sprays or citrus based cleaners.
    • Do not use undue pressure and wipe in one direction only.
    • If using coloured essential oils, test in an inconspicuous area with water to ensure they won’t stain the bath. Always add oils to a bath full of water.


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