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Offering a range of painted and stained colour options, the Basswood Shutter provides a timeless elegance to any décor. Shutters give your home or business functionality, privacy and light control while creating an inviting ambience.

Basswood has an attractive, fine texture, meaning the Shutters have a uniform, smooth finish which adds to the beauty of the Shutters. All Shutters are painted using PU paint giving the Shutter a glossy finish. Basswood is sturdy and resistant to warping and is not easily affected by heat and moisture.

One of the biggest benefits of Basswood Shutters is the insulation benefits that they provide. When fully closed, they create an insulating gap between the Shutter and the door or window. This means that heat cannot enter the home as easily in Summer, or leave it in Winter, making your interior temperature more stable and comfortable while assisting with energy costs.


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