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Our Aluminium Venetian Blind allows excellent control of light, ventilation and privacy at an affordable price point.

Our high quality standards are prominent in the material used to manufacture our 25mm and 50mm Aluminium Venetians.

Our Aluminium slats, with a 0.21mm thickness are at 20% more than the industry standard.

With a baked enamel finish and flexibility to prevent damage, the Aluminium Venetian Blind has strength and durability while keeping it light to operate and elegant in appearance.


Name: 25mm Slimline Venetian.
50mm Aluminium Venetian.

Operation: Cord and wand

Closure: Venetians must be closed in downward position.

Slat Size: 25mm and 50mm.

25mm Aluminium: Minimum width 120mm – 174mm tilt only.175mm – 274mm split control.275mm + controls on same side.Maximum width 3300mm.Drop 600mm minimum - 3300mm maximum.

50mm Aluminium: Minimum width 250mm – 275mm tilt only (mechanism in centre of blind).276mm – 399mm split controls.Maximum width 3000mm.Drop 600mm minimum - 3300mm maximum.

Slat Material: Extruded Aluminium Alloy.

Thickness: 25mm Venetians at 0.21mm, and 50mm Venetians at 0.23mm


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