Kaolin Tiles' Grand Opening

On July 21st, 2022, Cofounders Rita and Anton Bourtsev opened the doors to Kaolin Tiles’ newest showroom with brilliant fanfare.

In just two years, Kaolin upscaled into new premises in Alexandria. "[They] converted and designed a warehouse space into a stylish ‘Art’ gallery-type space. Perfect for exhibiting the full scale of our porcelain."

"When it came to celebrating the grand launch of our new showroom, we didn’t hold back, we went all out to welcome over two hundred guests with open arms to a night they wouldn’t forget," said cofounder, Rita Bourtsev.



She continued to explain, “Kaolin’s approach has always been design-focus, as Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Einstein believed his intelligence was never about a specific accumulation of knowledge, but rather his ability to be open-minded, curious, and child-like. We know creativity comes in many forms, across many fields & cultures. Being part of that process is exciting, we would like to invite you to come in and have fun, be creative, be colourful.”


According to Kaolin Tiles, 
"Cofounder Anton Bourtsev thanked the designers, architects, and developers, for coming along to experience for themselves the craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing Kaolin tiles." 'It is the hallmark of our talented engineers who have devoted themselves to making such beautiful tile with perfection and precision. We are always happy to be part of the journey and the expression of our tiles in beautiful spaces,' said Anton.

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