• Designed as a modern alternative to Vertical Blinds, the Panel Glide combines the elegance of curtains with the functionality of blinds. The fabric panels move effortlessly through multiple tracking channels with the use of a smooth operating wand that eliminates the need for chains and safety devices and enhances the sleek elegance of this simplistic blind. Our Panel Glides open at the left, right or centre, making them an ideal solution for sliding doors and large windows and the perfect choice for an inexpensive room divider.

  • When open, the panels stack neatly behind each other, sliding them closed creates a complete fabric display where the panels overlap to eliminate light gaps and can be used to control privacy and light filtration.
    Choose matching fabric for Rollers or Romans to create a consistent décor throughout the home. Panel Glides are extremely versatile and enable a wide range of configurations that can provide stylish and elegant solutions for most décor.